Southern cabbage recipes

southern cabbage recipes
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1 the art of southern style cabbage

1. The Art of Southern Style Cabbage

The exquisite southern cabbage recipes occupy a special place in southern cuisine traditions. The mastery in this staple dish lies in playing with flavors and textures to bring an exciting symphony on your plate. Southern style cabbage recipes usually involve a hearty combination of cabbage stewed with aromatic spices, tangy vinegar and rich meat.

To experience the best southern style cabbage, you need to be patient. It involves slow cooking that allows the flavors to marinate and seep into the cabbage. The key is simmering the cabbage uncovered for about 15 minutes. The waiting is often well rewarded with a dish that’s full of flavor.

2. The Secret Ingredient: Cajun Seasoning

One ingredient that gives southern cabbage its distinctive taste is cajun seasoning. A flavorful blend of spices, cajun seasoning elevates the flavor profile of your classic southern cabbage recipe. It usually contains elements like dried oregano, dried thyme, black pepper, white pepper, cayenne pepper, and paprika.

To really appreciate cajun seasoning in a southern cabbage recipe, you can’t just sprinkle on the spice; it needs to be integrated into the cooking process. When cooking cabbage, try adding the cajun seasoning early on to allow it to seep into the cabbage, imbuing the dish with deep, robust flavors.

3 enhance your dish with white vinegar

3. Enhance Your Dish with White Vinegar

If you thought vinegar was just for pickling, you might be surprised how it can take your southern cabbage recipes up a notch. Adding white vinegar brings that signature tangy taste, balancing the flavors while helping to break down the natural toughness of the cabbage.

White vinegar is best added during the last stages of cooking cabbage, just before you’re ready to serve. Adding it too early could result in overtly sour cabbage. Ensure you add just a splash – less is more in this case.

4 bring the sizzle with fried cabbage recipe

4. Bring the Sizzle with Fried Cabbage Recipe

Among the many recipes for southern cabbage, the fried cabbage recipe is perfect for those who enjoy a bit of crunch. Fried cabbage is tender on the inside while keeping a crispy exterior. It’s usually sautéed with bacon grease, adding that delicious meaty flavor to the cabbage.

While the fried cabbage recipe is good as it is, there’s always room for improvement. This could come in the form of additional ingredients like smoked sausage, cook bacon, or turkey bacon, adding more depth to your dish.

5 bacon grease for flavorful goodness

5. Bacon Grease for Flavorful Goodness

Adding bacon grease is a traditional Southern way to ramp up the flavor in cabbage recipes. Whether it’s a stir-fry or a slow-cooked soup, a tablespoon or two of bacon grease can take your southern cabbage recipe from basic to brilliant. As a bonus, it helps in lending those crispy edges that everyone loves.

But remember, bacon grease is quite strong, and too much of it might overpower the taste of the cabbage. Also, don’t just add the grease; cook bacon in it to create a smoky, flavorful base for your cabbage.

6 spice it up with black pepper

6. Spice It Up With Black Pepper

You can’t have a traditional southern cabbage recipe without black pepper. As simple as it may seem, black pepper adds a warmth and spiciness that effectively cuts through the cabbage’s slight bitterness, enhancing its natural flavor.

Pro tip: Instead of pre-packaged powdered black pepper, opt for freshly ground black pepper for a more aromatic and flavorful kick. And don’t limit yourself! Explore adding other spices like red pepper flakes, garlic powder, or even turmeric for a unique twist on your southern cabbage recipe.

7 enhancing the soup with chicken broth

7. Enhancing the Soup with Chicken Broth

Elevate your southern cabbage soup recipe by switching water with chicken broth. Chicken broth adds a layer of flavor and enhances the taste of the cabbage, transforming any ordinary cabbage soup into a comforting classic. It’s perfect for those chilly days when you just need a steaming bowl of comfort.

Chicken broth also brings in additional nutrients, enriching your southern cabbage recipes. If you’re going vegetarian, vegetable broth works great too. Regardless of your choice, the broth elevates the overall taste quotient.

8 lets talk about cook time

8. Let’s Talk About Cook Time

The cook time in southern cabbage recipes is crucial. Cabbage doesn’t need a lot of time to cook and can become mushy if overcooked. Depending on how you like your cabbage, most recipes require about 10-15 minutes of cooking time.

Remember, to soften your cabbage, you can simmer for about 10 minutes or until the cabbage is tender to your liking. Ensuring your cook time is correct can make or break your cabbage dish.

9 diverse variations corned beef and cabbage

9. Diverse Variations: Corned Beef and Cabbage

Corned beef and cabbage is another popular southern cabbage dish. The salt-cured beef adds a lot of flavors, while cabbage brings a refreshing lightness to the dish. Enjoyed particularly during St. Patrick’s Day, this dish is a perfect example of how versatile southern cabbage recipes can be.

The corned beef and cabbage recipe shares many components with other southern cabbage recipes but incorporates corned beef for that unique savory flavor. Just ensure that the corned beef is not overpowering so that the taste of cabbage can shine through.


Q1: Can I use vinegar in southern style cabbage?

A1: Absolutely, white vinegar is commonly used in southern cabbage recipes to add a tangy taste and help tenderize the cabbage.

Q2: Can you include affiliate links to purchase cajun seasoning?

A2: Yes, affiliate links can be included to direct you towards trusted online shops to purchase cajun seasoning.

Q3: What’s the ideal cook time for southern style cabbage?

A3: Cook time for southern style cabbage varies depending on the recipe, but on average, cook time is about 10-15 minutes.

Q4: Can I use turkey bacon in fried cabbage recipe?

A4: Yes, turkey bacon can be a great addition to the fried cabbage recipe. It’s a healthier alternative that still provides a smoky flavor.

Q5: Can I add smoked sausage to the cabbage recipes?

A5: Indeed! Smoked sausage is a wonderful addition to southern cabbage recipes as it brings depth and meaty richness to the dish.

Q6: Is garlic powder used in southern cabbage recipes?

A6: Yes, garlic powder is often used in southern cabbage recipes to add a bit of spice and depth of flavor.

Q7: What’s the need for simmering cabbage uncovered for about 15 minutes?

A7: Simmering cabbage uncovered for about 15 minutes allows the cabbage to cook in its own juices, enhancing the flavors and tenderizing it.

Q8: Do southern cabbage recipes make good side dishes?

A8: Absolutely! Southern cabbage recipes make excellent side dishes. They pair wonderfully with meats, poultry, or fish.

Q9: Can bacon grease be substituted in southern cabbage recipes?

A9: Yes, bacon grease can be replaced with olive oil, butter, or other fats. However, do note that the flavor profile might change as bacon grease adds a distinctive taste.

Q10: Can I include red pepper flakes in the cabbage recipes?

A10: Yes, red pepper flakes can be a fantastic addition to southern cabbage dishes, giving it a spicy kick.