How to season a blackstone griddle

How to season a blackstone griddle
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setting the preparations

Setting the Preparations

Never underestimate the importance of a well-prepared cooking surface. As you get ready on how to season a blackstone griddle, have your salt, cleaning kit, and a thin layer of oil in place. Don this task with the help of heat resistant gloves for safety.

The kind of oil matters as well. Pure oils with a high smoke point like canola oil and vegetable oil work best in such cooking procedures. The high smoke point ensures that your oil won’t smoke off and influence the flavor of your food.

Cleaning the Surface

Debris and grease can inhibit the proper application of oil. Before you season a blackstone, clean your griddle top with warm soapy water. Brush off any loose rust or lingering remnants of past meals.

Once cleaned, rinse the griddle top thoroughly and dry it using paper towels. Remember, water and oil don’t mix. Therefore, the griddle surface should be free from any moisture before applying the layer of oil to the surface.

applying the initial coating

Applying the Initial Coating

The initial coat of oil is essential in this seasoning process. Wearing your heat resistant gloves, add a thin layer of oil on the griddle top using a lint-free cloth or paper towels. The oil creates a protective barrier that prevents contact between the food and the metal, preventing a stick surface.

Remember to cover every inch of the griddle top; this includes the sides. You should also close the griddle drain to prevent the oil from running off.

making the right choice of oils

Making the Right Choice of Oils

Different types of cooking oils serve different purposes. When selecting oil, go for canola oil or vegetable oil. These types of oil stand up to the high heat and thus sustain the process.

Do not opt for olive oil, as it has a low smoke point and may negatively influence your food flavor. Blackstone griddle seasoning and cast iron conditioner is also another alternative for an effective coating.

heating the griddle top

Heating the Griddle Top

Turn on the griddles burner to medium to high heat. Allow the oil to heat up for about 15 minutes hence enabling it to soak into the metal. The oil should be hot but not smoking.

Monitor your griddle closely. Its color will change from shiny steel to dark black. That’s the first sign that you’re done with your initial seasoning round.

repeating the seasoning process

Repeating the Seasoning Process

One round may not be enough to fully season your griddle. Repeat the process of heating and cooling as you apply thin layers of oil each time. This builds a stronger and enduring coat that will give you a perfect non-stick surface.

Apply the oil, heat it until it stops smoking, let it cool and have the process done repeatedly. Most griddles need between two to five rounds to get properly seasoned.

maintaining the seasoned surface

Maintaining the Seasoned Surface

Maintenance of your griddle ensures it stays in optimal condition for longer. Clean after every use using a scraper. Avoid using soap as it breaks down your oil layer.

Food debris and excess oil can be removed using a griddle cleaner. Finish up by applying a thin coat of oil then let it cool. Store your griddle in a cool dry place.

faq section 11

FAQ Section

How long does the seasoning process take?

The process takes about 15 minutes but can take longer for first time seasoning

What type of oil is best for seasoning a Blackstone griddle?

Canola oil or vegetable oil are recommended due to their high smoke point.

Why is it essential to clean the griddle top before seasoning?

Cleaning makes sure there’s no food debris or rust that can interfere with the seasoning process.

How do I clean my griddle after use?

Clean using a griddle scraper and for tougher stick surface, use griddle cleaner.

Can I use any type of cooking oil for seasoning?

Not all oils are suitable. Pure oils with high smoke points such as canola oil, vegetable oil, and blackstone griddle seasoning and cast iron conditioner are advised.

Can I season my griddle without using heat resistant gloves?

It is risky and can lead to burns. Heat resistant gloves are recommended for safety.

How many rounds are needed to properly season a Blackstone griddle?

The process is often repeated two to five times to provide a good non-stick surface.

How often should I re-season my griddle?

For optimal performance, re-season after several uses.

Is the use of soapy water necessary in cleaning the griddle top?

Yes, soapy water helps in eradicating any remnants of past meals or rust.

Can I use my griddle if the top isn’t uniformly black?

You can, but a uniformly black griddle top indicates a well-seasoned and non-stick surface.