How many pizzas for 20 people

how many pizzas for 20 people
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understanding your audience 20 adults not children

Understanding Your Audience – 20 Adults, Not Children!

When thinking about “how many pizzas for 20 people”, remember we are strategizing a pizza feed for 20 adults and not children. Adults typically eat more slices of pizza than children. Therefore, the amount of pizza you need significantly depends on the age group you are catering to. Don’t undershoot your estimation and risk running out of food!

However, as a rule of thumb, you can generally expect an adult to eat about 3 slices of pizza. For instance, if you aim to feed 20 people and each eats 3 slices, you would need a total of 60 slices.

Choosing the Right Type of Pizza

The type of pizza plays an essential role in how much you should order. Thicker crusts like the deep-dish or pan pizzas tend to be filling due to their doughy nature. Conversely, thin-crust pizzas, such as the classic Margherita, might require a larger quantity as they are less filling.

Besides, the toppings on your pizza can make a difference. Pizzas with heavier toppings might fill up your guests faster than plain cheese pizzas. Keep your guest’s preferences in mind before you order pizzas for 20.

combining the main with side dishes

Combining the Main with Side Dishes

Remember, a pizza party doesn’t have to be just about pizzas! Consider accompanying your pizza with different side dishes like mixed salads, chicken wings, garlic bread, or even pasta. These dishes not only offer varied flavor profiles but also help moderate the amount of pizza consumed.

Adding sides ensures there’s something for everyone and helps stretch the food further. However, remember that if you plan to provide a lot of sides, you might consider ordering fewer pizzas.

selecting the ideal pizza restaurant

Selecting the Ideal Pizza Restaurant

Your choice of pizza restaurant could affect not just the quality, but also the amount of pizza you end up needing. Some pizzerias offer larger pizzas than others, so you might get away with ordering fewer pizzas from restaurants that specialize in extra large pizzas.

Additionally, certain restaurants offer discounts for bulk orders, which could cut down on your expenses. Make sure to check for such deals to make your pizza party more cost-effective.

understanding different sizes of pizza

Understanding Different Sizes of Pizza

When determining how many pizzas to order for 20 people, you need to be aware of the sizes of pizza available. An average large pizza is typically 14 inches in diameter, with eight slices. For 60 slices, you would need to order about 7-8 large pizzas.

However, ordering extra large pizzas (which are usually about 16 inches in diameter) might save a few bucks and reduce leftovers. Remember, it’s always better to order a little extra, in case some guests are particularly ravenous!

the rule of thumb

The Rule of Thumb

The general rule of thumb for ordering pizza is that one large pizza feeds about 3-4 adults. By this calculation, you would need approximately five to seven large pizzas to feed 20 people.

However, your specific situation might necessitate altering these numbers. For example, if you’re hosting a group of hungry teenagers, it might be wise to err on the side of caution and order an extra pizza or two.

calculating the number of pizzas for 20 people

Calculating the Number of Pizzas for 20 People

The calculate the number of pizzas for 20 people, you should consider multiple factors including the age of your guests, the type of pizza, and whether you’re serving sides. You should also take into account the size of the pizzas available at your chosen restaurant.

Remember that no calculation is foolproof, and it’s always better to have too much rather than not enough pizza. Don’t forget to cater for guests with dietary restrictions too, like vegetarians or those with gluten intolerance.

determining the number of pizzas for 20

Determining the Number of Pizzas for 20

To determine the number of pizzas for 20, consider all the factors discussed above. Base your calculation on the portions per person, consider the pizza sizes available, remember the add-on side dishes, and the kind of guests you are serving.

Always remember, it’s better to have slightly more than you need. Having a few extra slices of pizza is far better than running out and leaving your guests hungry!

conclusion how many pizzas for 20 people

Conclusion: How Many Pizzas for 20 People

In conclusion, “how many pizzas for 20 people?” isn’t a question with a one-size-fits-all answer. Order according to your situation, but a safe estimate can be around 7 to 8 large pizzas or 5 to 6 extra-large ones. Couple in some delectable sides, and you are ready for a fantastic party!

Remember to keep all factors in mind: the age and appetite of your guests, the presence of side meals, the type of pizzas, and the size of slices when ordering pizzas!


How Many Slices of Pizza Does the Average Adult Eat?

On average, an adult can comfortably consume about 2 to 3 slices.

What Type of Pizza Should I Order for My Party?

This largely depends on your guests’ preference. However, crowd favorites are usually Margherita, Pepperoni, and BBQ Chicken.

How Many Large Pizzas Should I Order to Feed 20 People?

If we consider that an adult eats 3 slices and there are 8 slices in a large pizza, you’d need about 7-8 large pizzas to feed 20 people.

Should I Only Serve Pizza at My Party?

No, you can also include side dishes like salads, chicken wings, or beverages, to provide variety and help balance the pizza intake.

Do Restaurants Offer Discounts for Large Orders?

Yes, many restaurants provide discounts for bulk orders. It’d be advisable to inquire about these beforehand.

Are Extra Large Pizzas More Economical?

Yes, considering the number of servings, extra-large pizzas usually offer more value for money.

How Many Pizzas Do I Need If I’m Serving Other Dishes?

If you plan to serve many side dishes, you might only need about five large pizzas for 20 people.

Should I Consider My Guests’ Dietary Restrictions?

Absolutely! Ensure you have options for guests with dietary restrictions such as vegetarians or those who are gluten intolerant.

Will I Need Extra Pizzas for a Group of Teenagers?

Yes, teens tend to eat more. It’d be safe to order an extra pizza or two for a group of teenagers.

How Can I Avoid Wasting Leftover Pizza?

Leftover pizza can easily be refrigerated and heated up for later consumption, so don’t worry too much about wastage.