Best lobster roll in portland maine

best lobster roll in Portland Maine
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fish house oyster room a rave in coziness and taste

Fish House Oyster Room: A Rave in Coziness and Taste

Are you looking for the best lobster roll in Portland Maine? Look no further, the Fish House Oyster Room at 104 Exchange St Portland offers one of the finest. The lobster rolls here are as aesthetically pleasing as they are full of flavor. High-quality lobster meat and a well-seasoned sauce adorn these rolls, providing taste and satisfaction.

The ambiance at the Fish House Oyster Room complements the food perfectly. This cozy, friendly space has a rustic, nautical vibe that matches the soul of the city. Customers return not just for their amazing rolls, but also for the relaxed, comfortable environment.

Luke’s Lobster: Savory Rolls in Portland

Located along the historic Custom House Wharf, the renowned Luke’s Lobster serves some of the best lobster rolls in the region, appealing to both locals and tourists alike. Their signature lobster roll is cooked in a steamed bun that is slightly toasted on the outside, giving it a harmonious blend of textures.

The lobster meat itself is incredibly fresh, providing you with a real taste of the sea. A touch of mayonnaise, melted butter, and a sprinkle of lemon tie everything together, resulting in a lobster roll bursting with delightful flavors. Don’t forget to try their delectable sides like clam chowder and deep fried pickles!

portland lobster company where rolls and sea breeze meet

Portland Lobster Company: Where Rolls and Sea Breeze Meet

Nothing can beat the experience of savoring a lobster roll by the sea. At Portland Lobster Company, the fresh air, gentle sea breeze, and the picturesque views amplify their offerings. The rolls consist of fresh, sweet lobster meat laid on a hot dog bun, making them a go-to for many.

Their menu also boasts a variety of seafood options like the much-appreciated Fish n Chips. And don’t miss their collection of local beers, especially from the renowned Allagash Brewing, that pair incredibly well with their seafood offerings.

susans fish n chips a food truck delight

Susan’s Fish- n- Chips: A Food Truck Delight

Yes, one of the best lobster rolls in Portland Maine is served from a food truck! Susan’s Fish-n-Chips, located on 86 Middle St Portland, is loved for their traditional, yet tantalizing, take on these beloved rolls in Portland.

Their lobster rolls are prepared with fresh and well-seasoned lobster meat, served hot on a delicately toasted roll. Accompanied with fries, this easygoing meal will leave you nostalgic for summer by the seaside. What makes this food truck special are the not-so-mainstream items like fish nuggets and seafood paella, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

highroller lobster a modern twist to lobster rolls

Highroller Lobster: A Modern Twist to Lobster Rolls

Highroller Lobster presents a gastronomic adventure by offering a twist to the traditional lobster roll. A crowd favorite is their Brown Butter Lobster Roll, in which warm lobster meat is glossed over with rich brown butter for an enhanced taste.

Their innovative creations like the Lobster Cheese Crisp Tacos don’t shy away from taking chances. With its crunch and a bit of zest from their house sauce, these tacos are sure to surprise and satisfy.

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Where can I get the best lobster roll in Portland, Maine?

The Fish House Oyster Room, Luke’s Lobster, Portland Lobster Company, Susan’s Fish- n- Chips food truck, and Highroller Lobster all serve some of the best lobster rolls in Portland, Maine.

Does Fish House Oyster Room have the best lobster rolls in Portland?

Fish House Oyster Room is known for their high-quality lobster rolls, but many other places in Portland such as Luke’s Lobster and Susan’s Fish- n- Chips are also highly recommended.

Can I get a good lobster roll at a food truck in Portland?

Yes, you can get an excellent lobster roll at Susan’s Fish- n- Chips food truck, located on 86 Middle St Portland.

What kind of bread is used in a traditional lobster roll?

A traditional lobster roll is prepared using a hot dog bun that is usually lightly toasted.

What’s special about the brown butter lobster roll at Highroller Lobster?

The brown butter lobster roll stands out for its enhanced flavors. The lobster meat is glossed over with rich brown butter, giving it a unique and rich taste.

Which seafood food truck is recommended in Portland, Maine?

Susan’s Fish- n- Chips food truck at 86 Middle St Portland, Maine is highly recommended for their variety of seafood offerings, including tasty lobster rolls.

What are some of the most creative lobster dishes in Portland, Maine?

Highroller Lobster offers a range of creative lobster dishes such as the Lobster Cheese Crisp Tacos.

What place serves the best lobster meat in Portland?

All of these places mentioned are known for their high-quality, fresh lobster meat, contributing to their respective reputations for serving the best lobster rolls in Portland.

What beverages are recommended to accompany a lobster roll?

Local beers, particularly those from Allagash Brewing, pair incredibly well with lobster rolls.

Where to eat lobster rolls near Custom House Wharf?

Luke’s Lobster near the historic Custom House Wharf is a must-visit for a good lobster roll.